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I promise I haven’t stopped making type instruments, it’s just been put on pause for a couple weeks as I’ve been real busy at my 9-5. Here’s a shot of the first time I had to put the sucker feet on my Vertical as the paper was so curled from printing postcards, I couldn’t pick the sheets up to print the backs. 
Not that I plan to use them that often, and the factory Miehle suction feeders work fine, but has anyone use the Big Foot feeders and found them worth the investment. Thinking ahead when these rubber feet wear out .
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Making an Impression

Since I started Three Cheers Press in 2012, quality product and client satisfaction were, and still are, what I strive for with every job I do. I’ve worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, from posters and books, to shirts and business cards, and each one is just as important as the next. Give me a shout, and let’s make something great.

-Cory Wasnewsky

Printer. Designer. Letterpress Handyman.

On press with some business cards tonight. Had a lot of folks staring through the glass at me while I was printing these. .
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